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Bikini Assassin Team 1

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Bikini Assassin Team 1 (Regular Edition)
Story title:  Untitled
Date:  January 1996
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages:  36 (includes the cover)
Writer:  Gary Timleck, James Leutri
Penciler/Artist:  Pia. J. Guerra
Cover Artist(s):  Embassy Photography
Inker Nelson Danielson
Colorist:  N/A (All contents B&W)
Letterer:  Gary Timleck, James Leutri
Editor Angelo Furlan
Characters:  Wynter Holmes, Pippa Flynn, Heidi Wolf
Known Variants: Regular Photo Cover, Variant "Lisa" Photo Cover
Notes/Plot Summary
This comic was produced by Nyx Studios for Catfish Comics. This comic features early work by artist Pia Guerra. It predates the DC Comics title Y:The Last Man.
Observed Prices 
Price Date Store Location
$2.40 12/31/2015 Online

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