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Sinnamon 4

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Sinnamon 4 (Variant)
Story title: 
Date:  Fall 1995
Cover Price:  $11.75
Estimated Print Run: 500 (Limited Edition)
Pages:  36 (includes the cover)
Writer:  Angelo Furlan
Penciler/Artist:  Story 1: Michael Gerald Delaney; Story 2: Pia Guerra, Michael Gerald Delaney
Cover Artist(s):  Michael Gerald Delaney
Inker Michael Gerald Delaney
Colorist:  N/A , this comic is B&W.
Letterer:  Angelo Furlan
Editor Angelo Furlan (uncredited)
Characters:  Sinnamon, Infama, Aerobica, Flabbia, Putta
Known Variants: Regular Edition, B&W Variant Edition
Notes/Plot Summary
Infama and the Sisterhood battle Sinnamon.

Catfish Comics limited the order of this book to two copies per person. The variant cover is the same artwork as page 20 within the comic. The back cover is signed and numbered and is indicated as the "Certificate of Authenticity".

Sinnamon 4 Variant, Back Cover

Sinnamon #4 Variant's Back Cover

Art Cameo's: Putta transforms into Marilyn Monroe.

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