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Sinnamon 9
(Variant "A")

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Story title:  Story 1: "Ashes to Ashes"; Story 2: "They Shoot White Elephants, Don't They?"
Date:  1997
Cover Price:  $3.50
Pages:  36 (includes the cover)
Writer:  Angelo Furlan
Penciler/Artist:  Michael Gerald Delaney
Cover Artist(s):  Michael Gerald Delaney
Colorist:  N/A
Letterer:  Angelo Furlan
Editor Angelo Furlan (uncredited)
Characters:  Sinnamon, Pyre-Anna, Joan of A.R.K., Aerobica, Infama, Heartbreaker
Known Variants: Regular Edition (No Foil),  Gold Foil Variant (with word balloon), Gold Foil Error Edition (without word balloon),  Red Foil Variant (with word balloon), Red Foil Error Edition (without word balloon), Black Foil Variant (with word balloon)Black Foil Error Edition (without word balloon)
Notes/Plot Summary
The comic pictured above is the relatively common Gold Foil variant cover with a word balloon.

This comic was produced with seven different covers, partially because of a printer mistake. It was intentionally produced with gold, red and black foil variants. The foil covers were to have a word balloon which says "CURSES! FOILED AGAIN!" The word balloon was added to the variants for the purpose of humor. Due to a printer error, the different colors of foil treatment were incorrectly applied to the cover without the word balloon. Samples were received by the publisher who discovered the error. It is reported that copies held by the publisher were eventually destroyed over time.  Forty "error sets" consisting of Gold, Red, and Black Foil error comics were solicited amidst mock ads inside this issue. "Error Sets" were sold for $10 per 3-issue set on a limited basis.
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